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Snake - Adult


Snake (white) - Adult S, M, L, and XL sizes available for men and women. ¾ sleeves. 85% polyester / 15% Spandex. Illustration and design by Jaybhoi.

Rhythm and color dominate this blue belt design. Blue belt, 青帯, is an ocean and a wasteland all in one. It is a vast expanse that takes years to cross, and one that most people never get through. It is full of people making the same journey you are. For those who are able to cross it, it takes years of toil, sacrifice, and frustration. You have packs of hungry white belts, who are eager to catch up, groups of purples and browns who are happy to keep you at bay, and a tournament scene full of guys and girls who seem invincible, even at your rank. But you have made it this far, and that is something. So you might as well have some fun. Submit someone bigger than you with one hand. Roll through a room full of white belts like a wolverine. Slink around your opponents like a python, squeeze like an anaconda, and strike like a cobra. With this design, they can even see your scales. Fully sublimated graphics will never fade or wear off. ¾ sleeves offer elbow protection and offer wrist grips for more realistic training.

大侍, Ozamurai, means great warrior.