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About Us

Kozamurai is pronounced ko-za-mu-rai.  In Japanese, "Ko" means child or young, while "zamurai" is simply the prefix modified form of samurai,  Japan's historical warrior class.  Together, kozamurai means "young warrior" or "child warrior."  We started this company to promote and further  BJJ and grappling for kids.  Because we also offer products for adults, we offer the Ozamurai product line.  Ozamurai is pronounced o-za-mu-rai.   "O" means great or big for "great warrior."  These products are for the warrior in you!

We are a family business.  Rather, we are a business run by a family that loves jiu jitsu.   Our goal is to produce high-quality gear for BJJ, MMA
 and no-gi submission grappling at a reasonable price.  We currently offer products ranked by belt color for kids and adults, along with an  unranked option for adults.

We try to stick to a philosophy of small-batch jiu jitsu.  We made these products for you, because when we were searching for ranked rash guards for ourselves, we found very little in the way of bright colors and custom graphics.  We wanted to add something fun and positive to
 the marketplace and to the world.  After 6 months of pure design, we are ready to launch our first line of artwork in motion.

Ninjas, samurai, robots, koi, snakes, hannya and more to come, our designs find their roots in Japanese folktales, woodblock paintings, and
 tattoo art.  We are truly inspired by what we saw while doing our research, on and off the mats, and we hope you have as much fun wearing  these designs as we did building them.