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Ozamurai Dragon Fight Shorts


These mid-length ultra light fight shorts are great for no-gi jiujitsu, MMA, or even Muay Thai. Short enough so that your drop-step to double leg will flow with the go, and your high kick won't catch with fabric on your knees. Long enough that you won't look ridiculous while you are doing it. These shorts have a spandex crotch to allow for maximum guard flexibility and a mouth-guard pocket big enough for your ID and mouthguard. The enclosure is new to the industry with Velcro hooks facing outside and enough flaps to keep the rub off your skin. Drawstring rounds out the package to keep you right and tight. These shorts are a $70.00 value but we are selling them for much cheaper. IBJJF legal - and we made it to the top of the podium in 2015!! Email if you have a question about sizing. We have XXS through XXL - we probably have your size.